Nice event organized tonight by the RivieraJUG and Riviera Scala Clojure, with two talks.

The first one was about the TypeSafe stack (Scala + Akka + Play) given by Luc Bourlier. It was a general discussion on the stack with all items, including IDE (Eclipse) integration and the monitoring console that looks gorgeous. The whole seems quite good with very few boilerplate code, all the low level complexity seem to be managed by all frameworks, and static typing up to the views. The demo was however quite limited to the HelloWorld application and needs to give a try. A question was raised on the performance of all those tools together, and Luc answered by telling that he has no objective figures on that but that all maintenance aspects would be simplified. I have no figure on that too but I imagine that it could performs better than vanilla Java as a well written framework should perform better than a developer incorrectly reinventing the wheel.

The second talk was about Overtone and given by Jeff Rose. The format was quite original with everything demonstrated directly with code (and we could see what a real Vim user is!), starting from Clojure basics to Overtone code. Overtone is a library to create sounds with code, specifying and playing with the wave form. It seemed quite powerfull and Clojure is very expressive for manipulating those streams, multiplying them by a window or such operations. Jeff acknowledged that the JVM can cause some problems with tools that would need real time response (namely stop-the-world garbage collection), but I would say it could replace signal treatment tools every time it is not time critical or if some artefacts due to pauses could be accepted.

Next event in the area will be on Groovy, by the Groovy and Grails User Group.