Last month we presented together with Corinne Krych a hands on session at Greach 2013 on the basics to build a realtime multiplayer HTML5 game that targets mobile, using the game kissing turtles we created. This week we presented it again with the additional presence of Fabrice Matrat in an event co-organized by JSSophia and Riviera Groovy and Grails User Group.

We posted slides and materials we used in those two sessions.

We focused our example on a game displayed in a canvas, that required realtime collaboration between the two players, backed by a Grails server:

  • canvas basics: how to draw paths, play with the referential to simplify expressions, draw (preloaded) images
  • animation basics: a progress function and requestAnimationFrame
  • mobile design basics with jQuery mobile
  • client side MVC design
  • realtime two-way communication with atmosphere

All the mobile orientation has been scaffolded thanks to 3musketeers grails plugin, which Corinne and Fabrice develop.

Overall both sessions went pretty well, both time we planned too much content. Special kudos to organizations.

The recording of the introduction is available on Youtube: