A few weeks ago, my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet crashed and after reboot all applications stopped working except default Android. It was even impossible to start Google Play store.

Not finding any way to restore it, I eventually installed CyanogenMod. Like for my Galaxy S phone last year, installation was really smooth by scrupulously following installation steps on CyanogenMod’s wiki, starting by searching for the target device. The only aspect which required leaving device’s page was finding Google Apps.

And like last year for my phone, it is just mind blowing to reboot. Performances are much better. Before that I was thinking buying a new tablet because this one was so slow browsing it became harly usable. But with latest versions of Android it is perfectly smooth. Apps to are just better, I used to have around ten applications which were clones of Android’s one that I was not able to uninstall.

And this is where I am really annoyed by manufacturers overlays. It looked my device was obsolete while it just required a software update and a bit of app cleanup. Please at least allow me to remove your clones if I don’t want using them. Please let Android upgrades flow once the device is no longer the company flagship and developers have been reaffected to other projects.

For now I really regret not having upgraded to CyanogenMod before, especially since I already had a positive experience with it. And I’m really happy with my move to Firefox OS, which is maybe not yet at the level of Android, but at least it self updates and has no non-removable bullshit.